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Dipl. -Ing. Pedro Rodriguez IdNr.: DE 317316808

News & Articles

A partner with solid finances


For new customers I can certify with my tax consultant that I have mastered the CODVID-19 crisis without any time of financial help and that I have continued paying taxes normally in benefit for the local community. 

Workshop in Münster Hafen


Organized my second cost free Dynamics 365 Workshop in Münster Hafen, a vibrant area of this beautiful city. Demand was big despite being organized with very short time. 

Internet Days Digital 2018 - Cologne 


29th edition of Internet Days in Bertelsmann Stiftung in a very interesting event about digitalisation...

Membership by BVMW


Membership at german KMUs organisation BVMW. Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft. Biggest Mittelstand german association...

3 projects in 3 countries


From nov 2019 I will be involved in 3 projects / 3 countries (Spain, The Netherlands, Germany). This remind me to the good times when Spain was governed by a cosmopolite king. 

On GPM digital and printed Media


GPM, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement, elected as an example of the new members of the association as I am quite active in the social media (LinkedIn, Xing).  

BVMW Innovationsoffensive


At TGZ Lingen (Emsland, Germany) organised by BVMW (Mittelstand). Digitalisation in KMUs...

Visit to german Stock Exchange (Frankfurt)


Invited by Sparkasse S-Broker and Vontobel investment bank headquartered in Zurich. I could visit Frankfurt Stock Exchange building at Home24 IPO...

Project in The Netherlands


Acquisition of a contract in The Netherlands, being my first working experience in this beautiful country with a strong Microsoft Dynamics 365 base. Already learning some Dutch!

Digital 2018 - Cologne 


invited by BVMW and the Event clearly surpassed my expectations. This event is organised by Deutsche Telekom and WirtschaftsWoche Magazin ...

Registered in DigitaliseSME


The project DigitaliseSME (Digital Enablers in SMEs: Support for Digitalisation to Enhance SMEs’ Capacity to Go International and Innovate) is an EU-funded project...