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Niedersachsen halten zusammen

The Codvid-19 crisis has put lot of small business, travel, leisure and retail companies into difficulties. As the demand for digitalization of companies through Microsoft Dynamics 365 is very strong I have in my case, not only not been affected during the crisis but I have used my strong liquidity to position myself and rise my revenue by 20%. On this advantage position I think it is my duty to help local businesses and I have thought in this beautiful marketing action. 


I will distribute in the first week of june a batch of City for TWO 2020 Edition Osnabrück vouchers books to my business partners and future leads in order to encourage them to enjoy the city of Osnabrück and its surrounding region. These vouchers have great discounts on Restaurants, retail stores and leisure&wellness activities. If each book generates a revenue of 300€ in the local economy of Osnabrück I will be more than happy! 

Each book has 326 vouchers for Restaurants, 215 for shopping and 343 for leisure&wellness so the opportunities are endless to discover what the vibrant city of Osnabrück and its region has to offer. 

You can learn more about City for TWO 2020 in this link.

City for Two 2020

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