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18-09-2018 BVMW Innovationsoffensive 2018 - TGZ Lingen

At 18-09-2018 I took part in the influential digitization event in the city of Lingen (Emsland, Germany) organised by BVMW (Mittelstand). 


Focus of the even, where participated numerous companies and startups from Osnabrück, Münster and Emsland, was digitization in Mittelstand with a great discussion about the effects of Google, Apple and Co. in the automotive industry. Several Workshops were offered and I took part in the Workshop about collaboration of Startups with Mittelstand. 


The high rank of the event was market with the presence of Dieter Krone, major of Lingen city, and Reinhard Winter, Emsland Landrat.

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