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Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Azure Services

I am your Freelancer for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations projects with special focus in Germany - Spain but you can also call me for projects based anywhere in Europe and also Worldwide.  

Dynamics 365


On Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Projects can I assist you as Senior Developer, Technical Consultant and basic Consultant in Trade and Logistics, Finance, Projects, Production, Retail and Human Resources. Last but not least I can organize trainning for your key users or junior developer-Consultants so you become the most of Dynamics 365.

In Germany I can be very useful if you need to send someone to the End User company and act as a link between Key Users and Implementation Team, also I have strong soft skills which differenciates me quite a lot for typical developers as I do not have any problem to speak with very high end managers or people at the production line. 

Microsoft Azure


In a modern world of technology where Digitizacion is the buzz word I can be your choosen professional to make that change happens and introduce in your company the last Microsoft Cloud technologies like Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB and Cognitive Services. 

I can move your processes into the Cloud and help you develop test Use Cases as demostration purposes before deciding to use those services massively. 

At the actual pace of evolution it is impossible to be an expert on all the new Microsoft Azure features but I have absolutely not problem at all to take charge of any project if the enough confidence and resourses are given. 

.NET Development


I love .NET Development with Visual Studio and that is the real core of all my power. On the last years I have used that skills mostly for integration purposes on Microsoft Dynamics but I have no problems to develop complete solutions. 

In Spain, for example, I just replaced a Software used by my company with a new Package developed from scrach using .NET saving thousands of euros in licenses, improving the user experience and in a affordable way. I know that such a feat would cost in Germany several hundred thousand euros and interminable meetings. ​​

Agile Projects 


After all my years of experience my real power comes when you put me on charge of the whole Project, best when the Project is managed with Agile methodologies like Agile SCRUM.

My way of thinking can reduce costs and time in an extraordinary way as I belong to the school of think big, act simple, act now. 

I belong to the german GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V. where I try everyday to learn more about project management and when I find time I will get some certificates if they give value. 

I am an experienced user of tools like Jira and Visual Studio Team Services for Agile Project Management. 

Actually had contracts in:

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Help me to complete the collection! 

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