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02-10-2018 Internet Days #29 at Bertelsmann Stiftung 

At 02-10-2018 I took part in Internet Days #29 at Bertelsmann Stiftung in Gütersloh. These are regular events about Digitalisation & Internet organised by companies in the area Gütersloh - Bielefeld - Paderborn. This ocasion the event was organised in the headquarters of one of the most important Thinktalks, Bertelsmann Stiftung. 

My reason to participate in those events is to be in contact with professionals and decision makers interested on Digitalisation, being Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure the perfect tools to make this happen in Mittelstand and also in corporates. 

I was really delighted with the quality of the event and all the speakers being the even for free, burger and drinks included :)

First speaker was Sabine Kluge from Kluge Consulting, well-known speaker and solicited professional for digitalisation, strategy, personal and organisation in big german corporates. With her I learned about the  "Working loud" methodology to build relationships in companies. 

Second speaker, Thomas Werning, discussed about the actual status of DSGVO (EU Data protection) which out of Germany seems to be not more a thema but still keep german companies busy. He seems to be quite competent and I can recomend his company when you need to check your compliancy in Germany. 

Third speaker, Birgit Wintermann from Bertelsmann Stiftung, spoke about some of the problems of KMU (Mittelstand) in Germany that I already know. Lack of motivation by employees which result in a active support in the company only by a small number of the total of the workforce. A more stronger leadership with clear objectives for everyone would motivate people and decrease the fluctuation of workers between companies which is not very cost optimal. 

Last speaker, Peter Baining from code-X GmbH, presented one of his products in order to automatize the recruitment process saving time and money. Here I was happy to know that they will connect their service with one of the organisations I belong, the BVMW. 

To recap, I really recomend you to participate in next sessions, here the link -> Internet Days. 

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