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"Unlocking Dynamics 365 Opportunities: Exclusive Lead Generation Service for Niche Markets"

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More than 2800 leads!

Introducing our premier lead generation service tailored specifically for Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM sectors. Over years of meticulous research and analysis through public sources, including job portals, we've curated an unparalleled database comprising over 2,800 companies. These companies, actively utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365, represent a treasure trove of potential for service providers aiming to tap into this vibrant ecosystem.

Currently, our database is exclusively contracted by a leading recruitment agency in the UK, highlighting the value and exclusivity of the information we provide. This exclusivity means that, at present, we are not partnering with additional recruitment entities. However, this opens a unique opportunity for other sectors within the Dynamics 365 community.

We are actively inviting negotiations from ISV solution providers, small consulting boutiques, and other service providers who are looking to expand their customer base or gain insights into the current market dynamics of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our service is designed to not just provide leads but to offer a comprehensive understanding of the market, enabling you to make informed decisions and strategies for your business growth.

If you are seeking to navigate the competitive landscape of Dynamics 365 with a reliable, research-backed database at your fingertips, we offer the resources and expertise to propel your business forward. Join us in unlocking the potential of Dynamics 365 and transforming insights into action.

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Marie Curie Str. 10

49076, Osnabrück (Germany)


Tel: +49 (0) 159 017 98 997

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