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Der Tagespiegel 27.03.2022- Travel around El Valle del Almanzora with an electric car.

In February 2022 we traveled with an electric car (Volvo XC40 Recharge) from Osnabrück to Murcia at South East Spain. That was itself a great adventure, my first international long road trip with an electric car but we had another objective in mind. Thanks to being part of the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AHK) I was contacted by Diario Sur Andalusia about the possibility to publish an article on their coming special magazine about Andalusia that would be published together with Der Tagespiegel in Germany, mainly in Berlin. Quick it realized that it could be a very good way to make some marketing for my brand as Dynamics 365 freelancer but also to market electric cars and the region from where my parents come, El Valle del Almanzora. 

The idea of marketing El Valle del Almanzora was also not a causality. Since I started to drive the electric car I noticed that there was an initiative to promote electric cars in the region in combination with tourism, Almanzora Eléctrico. This initiative is working quite well and now the area is the country side area in Spain with more charge points per km in Spain. We wanted to try it and to speak about it!

Photo Calabardina (Aguilas).jpg
Photo Calar Alto 08.jpg
Photo Calar Alto 08.jpg
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About El Valle del Almanzora

El Valle del Almanzora is one of the 7 comarcas or regions in the province of Almeria (Andalusia). The comarca comprises 27 villages that are located at both sides of the river Almanzora being the main village the city of Albox. In this region, located in inland Almería, you will find a great contrast, with flowering almond trees, extensive orange and olives plantations organised mainly in field of lands around the typical family homes called Cortijos. Here we can also find very high mountains plus a vibrant economy based on the extraction and processing or marble.

This is the region from where my family comes and where I have growth up as a child. We have always lived in Lorca (Murcia), not far from here but at weekends or vacations we were almost always here following the family traditions. 

About Almanzora Eléctrico

Almanzora Eléctrico is a local initiative supported by several organisations and companies that works with the objective of simplify the use of electric vehicles during the stay and visit in El Valle del Almanzora, marketing also the use and advantages of electric cars in the local population. Also it creates a route that helps to cross the way between Murcia and Granada as before it was one of the regions with less charge points available. Being now the country side region in Spain with more charge points per kilometer.

At this point of time you can find charge points in the villages of Arboleas, Almanzora, Cantoria, Macael and Bacares, more charge points will be deployed with the time. In order to find and activate the charge points you need the application ElectroMaps which is the technological partner of this initiative. You can also find a cost free charge point at LIDL Albox. We tested almost all the charge points during our travel in El Valle del Almanzora and all of the works flawlessly. If you come from Murcia you may want to charge at the fast charger Ionity that you can find in the city of Puerto Lumbreras, on one exit of the highway in direction to Almería. 

The chargers that you can find in El Valle del Almanzora are slow chargers with speeds from 7kW to 22kW, so you may consider to enjoy a nice tapa/meal meanwhile you charge your car or just enjoy a visit to one of the nice villages or highlights that you can find here. In Olula del Río, al Hotel/Restaurante Jardines de la Tejera, you can book an hotel room and charge your car completely through the night. 

Highlights from our travel to Almanzora Valley

Below you will find a brief description and photos of some of the places that are mentioned at Der Tagespiegel article that deserve a little more attention here online.

Museo Casa Ibañez

Museum located in the village of Olula del Río, created by the private initiative of the Andalusian artist Andrés García Ibáñez it achieves to compile one of the most important andalusian contemporary art collections. The Museum is very near of the famous restaurant Jardines de la Tejera which makes an excellent combination of art and gastronomy for your travel. We were impressed by the art collection that you can find here, at the moment of our visit the entry was cost free. 

Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory

If we have to try an electric car, we should try it right. So we took the Volvo XC40 Recharge to an altitude of 2168 meters to make a visit to Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory. This Spanish-German observatory is the largest telescope in mainland Europe. Here you can very easily find snow in winter and contemplate the beach in Almeria and the famous Sierra Nevada mountains from Granada at the same time. The vegetation and local fauna is very diverse making it a perfect plan for an excursion into the wildness. 

Mirador de Cosentino - Marble quarries in Macael

One of the most important economic activities in the area is the extraction and processing of marble, being Cosentino the leading company with a revenue above 1000 million euros with strong international presence. We visited the marble quarries which made a spectacular scenery to show where an electric car can take you.

Santuario del Saliente (Albox)

The sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Buen Retiro de los Desamparados del Saliente is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in southeastern Spain. It is located in the municipality of Albox (Almería) and it is home to what is known as the Virgen del Saliente, an 18th-century image that enjoys great popular devotion in the surrounding counties, both in the province of Almería and nearby. Here you can enjoy superb views and there is also an excellent restaurant with local food.