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Welcome to my Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog!

In this blog I will use my demo company EWR that I created for some Workshops I did in Germany in order to show how a Renewable Company uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud in order to manage its Purchase, Production, Sales, Project and Finance processes with clear language without unnecessary buzzwords that are commonly used by salesmen. Objective is to show how your company can profit from, in my opinion, the best business solution actually in the market.

EWR (Erneuerbare Wind Reaktion) name comes as parody from a german energy company that could do better in the fight against Climate Change. The demo is focused in a Wind Energy company who builds Wind Turbines and also is responsible for the Wind Park projects.

Each Wind Park will be a project in the project module and each Wind Turbine will be a subproject into the project that we can easily create with templates. This will let us very easily follow the costs of the project and compare the performance after every Wind Turbine is on site.

Multinational, high productive, happy workforce.

The workforce of EWR is a multinational, high productive and happy workforce were most of the staff is non german in a german company and the CEO is a german intelligent woman.

This is the spirit that I expect in a dynamic company that implements a state of the

art ERP system in the Cloud where skills are what matters not matter from where you come and how good are your language skills. This is obviously a parody to make some fun so please do not get offended.

Does this sound interesting? Check my site from time to time to check for news and register yourself to receive notifications when I post new entries in the blog. Meanwhile I let you here below a video of one of my favourites Wind Energy companies in Germany which I hope they take a look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 as soon as their finance situation allow it.

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