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Convert from Hexadecimal to String with X++

Here below a very useful code that could help you. In my case I needed to transfer a payload from an external system to Dynamics 365 Finance/SCM. This payload was a JSON message that I needed to transform to Hexadecimal string before sending it to Dynamics 365, through a Custom Service, to avoid possible character/format problems when reading the JSON at the other side.

To generate a hexadecimal string that you can use to try this X++ method you can use online services like:

Below the code:

//Convert the given string from Hexadecimal format to String

private str hex2String(Str _hex)


str result;

str hex;

int value;

int i;

for (i=0; i<strLen(_hex)/2; i++)


hex = subStr(_hex, i*2 +1 , 2);

value = hex2Int(hex);

result += num2Char(value);


return result;


This code worked well with German characters, so the use of extra .NET libraries could be avoided.

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